Scott B Reynolds

Hosted by: Scott B Reynolds


July 2 2013 (Jul 3 in AUS)

Brian Lowry of BC Gurus

Everyone wants the number one position in Google for their relevant search terms and it can be extremely challenging to achieve, sometimes even impossible. Did you know that a search listing that uses rich snippets can get more than 250% more clicks, even in the 2nd - 5th position?

It’s likely you see rich snippets everyday, even if you don’t know what they are. When you are on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, for almost any search term, you’ll find search results that really stand out from the rest.

You’ll find results that include author photos, video thumbnails, ratings and reviews, product pricing, etc. These are all things that help the searcher make a decision before actually clicking a result. They are also all great ways to attract eyeballs to your client’s business.

In this presentation you’ll learn why this is one of the absolute best value added services you can offer your clients and how exactly to implement in your BC sites.


RECORDING: Using Rich Snippets in BC to Increase Traffic from Search Engines

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