Urszula Richards

Hosted by: Urszula Richards


November 19 2013 (Nov 20 in AUS)

Evernote is one of those online tools which some people have adopted with a passion and others have tried but not really understood. In this week's Sandpile, Urszula Richards from onlineiq will show why this is the ONE tool she cannot live without - and how she uses it as her own personal 'google' for her whole business.

She will demonstrate how she has integrated it with PrestoBC's CCC, but that is just one of many possible applications. The incredible search with Optical Recognition, its integration with browsers, and its latest reminders feature are just some of the features which make this tool as popular as it is.

Its real power comes when you start using it for everything - and Ursh will give you some tips for setting it up right from the ground up so you can get the most out of it. If you have ever considered using Evernote, but not quite seen what all the fuss was about, this is one session you should not miss.

RECORDING: Unleash The Power Of Business Catalyst with Evernote

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