Urszula Richards

Hosted by: Urszula Richards


May 13 2014 (May 14 in AUS)

There are a myriad of ways in which time can be tracked, and there is a huge choice in terms of software for project time tracking. This week we have 3 sandpipers talking about the software they use to track their time. Kristen Lindsey, from Apokrisis, will be showing Mavenlink. Debra Quartararo from Doodlefish will show us Toggl. And Megan Taylor from Kapow Interactive will show us Harvest. This session will also include a Q&A following each software presentation, and a general discussion on the topic of time tracking with Sandpilers.

By the end of this session you will have had an introduction to at least three software options for time tracking, and have an idea if there is a better way of tracking your time for projects than what you are using now.

RECORDING: Tracking and Billing Project Time - Discussion Panel

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