Dave Haggblad

Hosted by: Dave Haggblad


July 15 2014 (Jul 16 in AUS)

Spam...we all get it. Our customers get their share as well and they let us know about it. Even the Sandpile website is not immune.

In this Sandpile we're going to present some methods several Sandpile members are considering or actually using to combat spam. We're going to load those methods into some test forms on the Sandpile website and run an experiment for a couple of months to see which method seems to be most effective at managing spam. We'll report the results back to the group in a future Sandpile.

So bring your ideas, we'll add them to our test pages and see what happens. We hope some open discussion and this testing will provide a framework or spark some ideas for how Sandpilers can reduce the spam their customers are seeing.

RECORDING: The Sandpile Spam Experiment

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