Dave Haggblad

Hosted by: Dave Haggblad


August 21 2018 (Aug 22 in AUS)

You’ve researched Platform-OS. You’ve heard about its incredible power and flexibility. It’s a bit technical, and right now your priority is finding a replacement for your BC sites.

Ideally you want the power of Platform-OS, but with an easy-to-use CMS (that includes a cost-effective way to migrate your BC sites).

If this sounds like you, watch this exciting Sandpile for the official introduction of Siteglide: The Platform-OS Powered CMS (designed for BC Partners).

During this Sandpile not only will you experience Siteglide’s easy-to-use CMS, but also its built-in Business Catalyst migration tool.

BONUS: Adam Broadway will be introducing the company behind Siteglide, and give an official update on Platform-OS.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Join us for the very last BC Sandpile.

You won’t be disappointed!

Siteglide for BC Partners: https://www.siteglide.com/calling-business-catalyst-partners

RESOURCES: Siteglide Preso with important links

RECORDING: The Final Sandpile! Siteglide: The Platform-OS Powered CMS (designed for BC Partners)

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