Scott B Reynolds

Hosted by: Scott B Reynolds


November 2 2016 (Nov 3 in AUS)

At this special BC Sandpile we will be live in San Diego, CA during Adobe MAX! We are fortunate to have three BC Partners and a representative from the Business Catalyst Team giving presentations.

Where: The event will be in our normal Sandpile Connect Room

When: November 2nd from 6pm - 8pm (PT - San Diego time)

Business Catalyst Community Updates (Mike Sallander)
Mike Sallander of Chicago Digital, BC Academe, Solid Sky, and BC App Store will be sharing the latest releases and upcoming announcements from the community. Discover the amazing things that partners around the world are accomplishing with Business Catalyst.

You Asked For It (Dave Haggblad)
Dave Haggblad be announcing something you’ve been asking BC Gurus to create for a long time.

Invoicing with Business Catalyst (Scott B Reynolds)
When it’s time to bill your clients, which invoicing tool do you use? Have you considered using Business Catalyst? Scott B Reynolds of Thrise will show you how to turn your Partner site into a powerful invoicing system. Business Catalyst is set up for invoices, and with a few changes, you will be able to start invoicing your clients without relying on a 3rd-party billing service.

The Potential of Business Catalyst (Shane McGeorge)

What's going on with BC? (Magda Neagu)

Q&A with a Business Catalyst representative from Adobe.

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