Urszula Richards

Hosted by: Urszula Richards


May 17 2016 (May 18 in AUS)

This week, we start our partner discussion by looking at the various Roles and Workflows we can set up in Business Catalyst.

  • What default Roles do you set up and why?
  • What mistakes (or discoveries) have you made in setting up Roles?
  • Do you use Roles to show/hide functionality which you charge extra for?
  • Have you set up any interesting Workflows for your clients?
  • Do you have a standard workflow for setting up Roles and Workflows when you build a website?
Join us to discover what others to, and share what you do.

Here is a link to the google doc spreadsheet you can use to see what the default BC Roles are, and to create some of your own. You can view this document and create a copy for yourself.

Pauline has further upgraded this document and added another column and document with screenshots if you don't quite know all the admin menu items

Permissions with Menu Locations

BC Admin Menu Screenshots



RECORDING: Roles, Permissions & Workflows

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