Karim Ardalan

Hosted by: Karim Ardalan

Presenter: Karim Ardalan

April 3 2018 (Apr 4 in AUS)

Karim Ardalan from AID+BC has been building sites on Weebly Cloud (not Weebly retail) for the last 12 months. At this weeks Sandpile he will share his experience as a BC partner on what Weebly Cloud has to offer. Karim will also provide details about a special BC Partner only offer for those that choose to move to Weebly Cloud. 

Karim was also successful in negotiating a special discount for BC Partners.
Details here: https://bc-partners.weebly.com/

Video showing how to move a website from BC to Weebly Cloud: http://www.aidbc.com/business-catalyst-videos/migrating-a-bc-website-to-weebly-cloud-in-15-minutes

Sandpile Recording:

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