Urszula Richards

Hosted by: Urszula Richards


October 18 2016 (Oct 19 in AUS)

Landing Pages and Business Catalyst are a match made in Heaven. Well certainly Scott & Ursh, the creators of the Landing Page Builder think so.

But what has been obvious to us for some time, is presenting as a brand new idea to many partners, so in this month of BC Apps, we thought the first place to start would be to explore Landing Pages and see how they can be used to enhance their clients' businesses, as well as their own.

What is exciting about the pairing Business Catalyst & a Landing Page product is that nowhere in the market is this solution available at this price point with the amount of integration which Business Catalyst affords.

The session will include case examples of Landing Pages you can create easily, and how you can monetise these.

We will also demonstrate examples of how the Landing Page Builder (which is currently in Beta) can be used by Partners already, and let you know what else is in store.

And if you simply can't wait that long, you can sign up and get access to the beta ahead of time.

RECORDING: Landing Pages and Business Catalyst - A Match Made in Heaven

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