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June 24 2014 (Jun 25 in AUS)

Fallen out of love with the In-Context Editor? Maybe it’s time to make friends again.

Most of us, at some point, have dabbled with the old InContext Editor … and then never looked at it again. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t great.

BC has upgraded InContext Editor into a more robust tool. Tarik (Creativaholic) & Megan (Kapow Interactive) have already provided some great introductions to this.

With the latest updates to ICE we now have a even more powerful tool allows our customers to update their websites, without breaking (or destroying) our hard work with the website design by locking down components where they can make changes.

But what is ICE really capable of?

Gary Swanepoel of IT Business is going to show examples of leveraging ICE to really empower users to make major changes without web apps and get better control of using back-end modules when walking through the website by passing the internals of the Admin Console.

With all this in place, is there finally the possibility for creating beautiful websites for the web basic plans with only ICE?

RECORDING: Empower Users with the Updated In-Context Editor

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