Adam Cook

Hosted by: Adam Cook


June 3 2014 (Jun 4 in AUS)

Its no secret that Adam Cook from One Creative is on a mission to help websites be built correctly from the ground up. But he also loves helping us all be smarter about the way we achieve that result.

To this end, he started a collaborative document which covers things like general pointers for BC site development, right through to some specifics about the best way to code in Business Catalyst.

Come along to this Sandpile to take a look at these best practice tips to see what you can pick up, or add to in our quest to create excellent websites, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether you have been building websites in Business Catalyst for years or are just starting out, this session is bound to provide you with something to take away and implement straight away!

RECORDING: Best Practices in Building BC Websites

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