Brent Weaver

Hosted by: Brent Weaver


July 18 2017 (Jul 19 in AUS)

Brent Weaver is going to talk us through something many partners are dealing with - Discounting!

He will specifically address -
  • How to win against cut-rate competitors and website builders like Wix and Squarespace
  • How to find more clients that don’t expect a custom website for cheap ‘do it yourself’ pricing
  • How to deliver the same project for more money, without putting in extra hours to get it done.
As most in the community will know, Brent has been a leader in the BC Community for many years and has now expanded to provide business advice to web professionals through UGurus

We are thrilled that he will be presenting a series of business-building topics over the coming months.

RECORDING: Beat Out The Competition : How to Stop Discounting Your Web & Digital Projects

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