Michael Sallander

Hosted by: Michael Sallander


March 28 2017 (Mar 29 in AUS)

Most people know that Business Catalyst is a very secure, simple, and powerful platform to build websites, but what you may not know is that Business Catalyst is also flexible and customizable.

To unlock the full potential of Business Catalyst you will need to learn more than HTML and CSS. If you are ready to take Business Catalyst to the next level, then demystifying JSON is the next step.

If the word JSON intimidates you, this webinar is for you. If you struggle with liquid or working with APIs, this webinar is for you. While Mike Sallander from Chicago Digital cannot make you a JSON expert in this webinar, he will help you understand the importance of JSON and make you feel more comfortable with it so you can begin to unlock the power of the platform.

RECORDING: BC Webinar - Here's to Making JSON Part of Every Developer's Vocabulary

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