Urszula Richards

Hosted by: Urszula Richards

Presenter: Urszula Richards

January 12 2016 (Jan 13 in AUS)

Sometimes it seems that we tie ourselves into knots trying to explain why BC really is the best solution for our clients. Of course BC is not the best for ALL clients, nor would we expect it to be, but hopefully we are all at the point where we know that when we recommend BC it really IS the best solution for our clients.

So why do we still struggle with conveying the value of this offering to clients, and complain that it is an expensive solution. In my view, it is the best value offering providing an integrated online business solution, offering a high level of customisation in design and functionality for client needs.

Wrestling with this fact, I recently came up with a document for a client who was very familiar with WP, so he could see and understand this comparison and then make his own informed decision.

I will be sharing this document on Sandpile this week to see if it is something you can add to, and use as a resource for your own business.

If your clients are anything like mine, they will not, at the beginning, understand the value of all the features BC has built in.

For that reason, after this initial pre-sales document conversation, we will move on to a discussion on how to continuously educate our clients so they are not only satisfied with what they are paying for but truly understand the value of what is at their fingertips.

RECORDING: BC vs Wordpress, BC is expensive, BC won’t …. vs a Focus on Value

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