Dave Haggblad

Hosted by: Dave Haggblad


June 19 2018 (Jun 20 in AUS)

This Sandpile we're going to talk about Website Accessibility and what it means to you and your clients.

I have an outline of things to talk about to help guide us through the conversation
For instance:
- What does your website being accessible mean?
- What are the current laws in your location?
- What are the moral obligations?
- Class Action Lawsuits (Remember Ambulance Chasers?)
- What are the main things to check? (at least to get started)
- Tools (that I have looked at)
- What have I learned so far. I'll let you know some thoughts I have gathered since starting down this path.

Please....bring your knowledge and experience to the discussion!
As a group we have a powerful knowledge base of ideas and techniques that will help us all when we share it.


RESOURCES: Download PDF of notes from the Sandpile for reference

RECORDING: Accessibility - What Does It Mean To You and Your Clients

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