Neil Eisenberg

Hosted by: Neil Eisenberg


April 2 2013 (Apr 3 in AUS)

Neil Eisenberg, from Design Intervention Studio, will present a case study on his project for Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is a large organization, and he'll be talking about how he went about getting the job that was bid on by 23 web design companies, how he made it a win-win, how he maximized what BC can do and set the stage for future projects, and how this strategy can pay off for not-for-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Leveraging BC with Chambers of Commerce isn't new, but Neil will show you how it's something you need to be looking at to help grow your business. We are going to focus on marketing strategies, but can touch on any aspect of the project in Q&A that might be helpful.

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