Company: Antenna


Specialties: Front End Developer, Liquid Markup, Javascript/jQuery

Bio: Senior Front End Developer working with advanced level website building.

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Past Sandpile(s)

Aug 21 2018
(Aug 22 in AUS)
The Final Sandpile! Siteglide: The Platform-OS Powered CMS (designed for BC Partners) - view recording
You’ve researched Platform-OS. You’ve heard about its incredible power and flexibility. It’s a bit technical, and right now your priority is finding a replacement for your BC . . . . view details
Aug 14 2018
(Aug 15 in AUS)
Where Did You Wind Up? - view recording
This week we talked about which platform(s) folks in the BC Community wound up choosing, and a little about why. You can view the survey results here.
view details
Jul 31 2018
(Aug 1 in AUS)
SiteWild: The reseller website platform that ELIMINATES vendor lock-in - view recording
SiteWild is a white-label website platform built exclusively for designers, marketers, and other web professionals. In this demo, founder Denny Cave shows how to use the drag-and-drop editor to quickly create . . . . view details
Jul 24 2018
(Jul 25 in AUS)
Webflow - The future of web design is not code - view recording
Webflow is a tool that has been around since 2013. In this short demo, Nelson Abalos Jr will show you the basics of the Webflow designer, Collection Manager, . . . . view details
Jul 10 2018
(Jul 11 in AUS)
Taking another Break - No Sandpile This Week - recording not yet available.
This weeks Sandpile is cancelled.  I'm taking another short vacation. Maybe I'll teach the Grandson how to make some extra money busking. Join us again on the following weeks Sandpile . . . . view details
Jul 3 2018
(Jul 4 in AUS)
Are You Target? or Targeted? - view recording
Is your business like a Target Department Store? Trying to offer a wide range of services to a wide range of customers. Or is your business more . . . . view details
Jun 26 2018
(Jun 27 in AUS)
I Got Nothing - recording not yet available.
I've got nothing to talk about this week, no ideas, nothing get the picture. So this week we're down to an open meeting unless one of you folks has an . . . . view details
Jun 19 2018
(Jun 20 in AUS)
Accessibility - What Does It Mean To You and Your Clients - view recording
This Sandpile we're going to talk about Website Accessibility and what it means to you and your clients. I have an outline of things to talk about to help guide us . . . . view details
Jun 12 2018
(Jun 13 in AUS)
Demo - BC to Weebly Cloud - view recording
Mary has kindly offered to share her experience with getting one of her Business Catalyst sites moved over to Weebly Cloud Here is the BC website she replicated: . . . . view details
May 29 2018
(May 30 in AUS)
Let's Talk Future - RocketSpark - recording not yet available.
Rocketspark is a potential solution for AU, NZ and UK Business Catalyst Partners who are needing a system to fill the basic, web marketing & simple e-commerce . . . . view details
May 22 2018
(May 23 in AUS)
Let's Talk Future - duda - view recording
Duda is a leading web design platform for web professionals and agencies of all sizes, with powerful team collaboration and client management tools for building and managing . . . . view details
May 15 2018
(May 16 in AUS)
Let's Talk Future - SIMVOLY - view recording
Simvoly is the fastest way to create amazing landing pages, build funnels, websites or full-grown online stores in a matter of minutes. We have a great variety . . . . view details
May 8 2018
(May 9 in AUS)
Let's Talk Future - Pixel Together - view recording
Pixel Together is a website builder that gives you the power to easily create the sites you imagine. Freeing you from restrictive templates or hacking away at . . . . view details
May 1 2018
(May 2 in AUS)
Let's Talk Future - WHAT DO YOU WANT? - view recording
Over the weekend it occurred to me that we've been chasing platform providers, seeking out one that we thought we could adapt to our needs. Perhaps we should be compiling . . . . view details
Apr 24 2018
(Apr 25 in AUS)
Let's Talk Future - WHERE ARE YOU AT? - view recording's been a few weeks now since the EOL announcement from Adobe. With no one asking for time to present their platform I thought it would be a good . . . . view details
Apr 17 2018
(Apr 18 in AUS)
Let's Talk Future - Synergy 8 Website & Digital Marketing Platform - view recording
With a similar feature-set to BC, Synergy 8 offers a solid CMS, e-mail and sms marketing tools, automated workflows, a central customer database, events rsvp and e-commerce . . . . view details
Apr 10 2018
(Apr 11 in AUS)
Next Steps for the Sandpile - recording not yet available.
I'm sure we're all still figuring out what we're going to do moving forward after Adobe's announcement of the End of Life for Business Catalyst. Where do you want it . . . . view details
Nov 28 2017
(Nov 29 in AUS)
Things you can do on Ecommerce sites you may not have known about - view recording
On the heels of completing the latest BC Gurus template, which is ecommerce focussed, Dave will discuss some features you may not have know you can accomplish . . . . view details
Mar 20 2018
(Mar 21 in AUS)
Video recording tools, what do partners use. What platforms do you use for distribution - view recording
Do you use video to educate/support your customers? Are you doing something else with video? Let's talk about the tools and platforms available and whats working for you. . . . . view details
Mar 13 2018
(Mar 14 in AUS)
Proposals....what works for you, what hasn't worked for you - view recording them or hate them, they are what get you the work you need to thrive. Let's talk about what's been closing deals for you. . . . . view details
Mar 6 2018
(Mar 7 in AUS)
Templates vs Custom Build, what are partners doing and why - view recording
They both have a purpose. Let's talk about what you're doing these days and why it's working for you. . . . . view details
Feb 27 2018
(Feb 28 in AUS)
The Tool Show - discussing the various tools we're using. - view recording
Let's talk about what you're using that's working for you, and perhaps what you've given up on. Before the Sandpile we sent out a survey for the community to complete. We . . . . view details
Feb 20 2018
(Feb 21 in AUS)
Custom Parameter Examples - view recording
Some examples of using custom parameters for modules and include files . . . . view details
Feb 13 2018
(Feb 14 in AUS)
Module Strengths, Weaknesses and Enhancements - view recording
Some discussion about the varous modules in BC and how we're working with them (and in some cases around them) . . . . view details
Feb 6 2018
(Feb 7 in AUS)
Think Tank - Social Sharing with BC - view recording
There's lots of tools out there for social sharing, we'll have a think tank about it and perhaps you will find YOUR answer. RESOURCES: download pdf of links . . . . view details
Jan 30 2018
(Jan 31 in AUS)
Finding the best BC Partner for the the job - view recording
Need some help getting that project done? We'll talk about how to find the best resource to help you out. . . . . view details
Jan 23 2018
(Jan 24 in AUS)
Think Tank - Discussion on BC's Shipping Module - view recording
It's good in some ways, and a real challenge in other ways. Maybe through a think tank discussion we can make things a little better for you. . . . . view details
Jan 16 2018
(Jan 17 in AUS)
Implementing dynamic menus in BC - view recording
Menu's are used on almost every website, and the BC Menu Module is pretty decent. We'll talk about what we're using these days and why. RESOURCES: download pdf . . . . view details
Jan 9 2018
(Jan 10 in AUS)
Liquid Templates, using liquid code vs content holders, page modules, page control - view recording
Some disucssion around when to use liquid vs content holders. Additionally some conversation aound the concept of Page Modules and Page Control . . . . view details
Jan 2 2018
(Jan 3 in AUS)
Using Lat & Longitude fallbacks in a webapp map output, avoiding the offshore of Africa error - view recording
The built in webapp output on a map is not bad, and using a plugin makes it a bit better. But how do you handle things when BC doesn't understand . . . . view details
Dec 12 2017
(Dec 13 in AUS)
How BC apps are used in the production process - view recording
BC Apps can speed up your development, make it more consistent, and even make it simpler for your client to update their site. Download a PDF of links to . . . . view details
Sep 26 2017
(Sep 27 in AUS)
Care Package vs Support Plan - view recording
A panel discussion about how you provide support to your customers. Some call it a Care Package, some call it a Support Plan. What do you call yours? How . . . . view details
Sep 17 2013
(Sep 18 in AUS)
Spam Free Comments with Dave Haggblad - view recording
This week Dave Haggblad from Digital Ink Multimedia will demonstrate installation of the DISQUS commenting system on the blog section of a website.  DISQUS is an easy . . . . view details
Mar 4 2014
(Mar 5 in AUS)
Lessons Learned from a jQuery/BC Project - view recording
jQuery can be intimidating. Dave Haggblad from Digital Ink was scared of jQuery until he needed to dive deeper into it in order to accomplish what . . . . view details
May 27 2014
(May 28 in AUS)
Sometimes Tables are a Good Thing - view recording
Sure, we’ve come a long way from when we used tables for website layout, and popular opinion is that you shouldn’t use them at all. Sometimes though, a . . . . view details
Jul 15 2014
(Jul 16 in AUS)
The Sandpile Spam Experiment - view recording
Spam...we all get it. Our customers get their share as well and they let us know about it. Even the Sandpile website is not immune. In this Sandpile we're going to . . . . view details
Oct 28 2014
(Oct 29 in AUS)
Admin Panel How To with Dave Haggblad - view recording
Do you know how to add Powered by "INSERT YOUR AGENCY NAME" on the bottom of your clients email newsletters to get some credit for your hard work?  Do you know . . . . view details
Dec 2 2014
(Dec 3 in AUS)
Admin Panel How-To (Part 2) with Dave Haggblad - view recording
Still mystified by some of the options in Business Catalyst Admin? Join us for another dive into BC Admin where I’ll go over each menu item, discuss it’s . . . . view details
Dec 30 2014
(Dec 31 in AUS)
Practical Things You Can Use Liquid For Today - view recording
In this Sandpile Dave Haggblad from Digital Inkwill show you practical examples of how you can use Liquid. He will go over some common but useful applications, including . . . . view details
Jan 13 2015
(Jan 14 in AUS)
Results of The Sandpile Spam Experiment - view recording
Spam...we all get it. Our customers get their share as well and they let us know about it. But, how do we best stop it? In June we had a Sandpile . . . . view details
Jun 23 2015
(Jun 24 in AUS)
Keyword Research for Business Catalyst - view recording
Effective Keyword Research is said to be the starting point to a successful website. But there is a huge variation in the way people do it, and it seems . . . . view details

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May 23 2018

Idea Vote: Third test - 13744367

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